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The Group's animation business relies upon Animation School of Hebei Institute of Communications, Chinese Animation Training and Test Center, and Hebei Jingying Movie & TV Culture Communication Co., Ltd. An integrative animation industrial mode that combines original research and development, grade estimation, academic education for animation talents, social training, derivatives design, production and sales has been formed.
In the year of 2013, Hebei Tianming Media Co., Ltd. established Tianming LOL Theater relying on resources of Jingying Group and released 12 city entertainment comedies. A total of 150 performances have been given throughout the year, attracting 50,000 odd audiences. In the year of 2014, “Tianming LOL Theater” was officially upgraded to the self-owned brand “Jingying Theatre” and became part of the pillar cultural creative industry of Jingying Group.
On May 31, 2014, a batch of female football players was sent to Brazil by Jingying Group for training. This is the first time a team of young female football players has been sent overseas for training in China. By doing this, Jingying Group again wrote a new chapter for the development of teenager football of China.