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Hebei Institute of Communications is acclaimed as an institute of higher education that focuses on media art and coordinates development of liberal art, engineering, and administration. It has been rated as “Top Ten Non-government Colleges of China”. 
Beijing Institute of Performing Arts strives to provide the most professional art education in China. It has shown its overwhelming superiority on the stage of art education in China by strengthening its characteristic teaching and development.
Founded in 1993, Shijiazhuang Jingying High School is a non-government boarding school directly under Shijiazhuang Ministry of Education. It is the only provincial key high school that is accredited to recruit students over Hebei Province. Directly under Shijiazhuang Ministry of Education.
Built in 1993, Shijiazhuang Jingying Foreign Language Primary School has held over 2,000 students and 37 teaching classes up to 2014. It is the largest boarding primary school in Shijiazhuang.
Founded in 2002, Jingying Future School has led the modernization of educational concepts, educational content and teaching methods with the modernization of the information and technologies. 
AllGenius was established together by Jingying Education Media Group, IDG of the United States, the world-renowned Children’s EQ Development Association, the Social Development Research Group of University of Washington, ECDP of University of Washington, and 1,000 odd domestic and foreign educationalists. 
Jingying Sunshine Education Consulting Co., Ltd is an authoritative educational institution engaged in teaching of cultural courses of middle school and high school as well as professional courses of art. It is the most professional art education institution in China, known as “Through-train of Arts in College Entrance Examination”.
Beijing Haidian Campus Dancing Culture & Arts Training School (hereinafter referred to as: Beijing Campus Dancing School) was established through approval in 1995 and became a member of the Jingying Group.