Jingying Group, founded by Mr. Zhai Zhihai, the Chairman and President, in 1988, takes “cultivating universal righteousness and nurturing domestic and foreign elites” as the core value. After 27 years of development, the Group has established a business pattern focusing on education with technology and culture as auxiliary industries. The business scope of the Group has been extended to educational market development, film & TV production, animation creation, derivative development, etc.

Mr. Zhai Zhihai is the Chairman and President of Jingying Group as well as deputy to the 12th National People’s Congress. He also acts as the national educational inspector, member of KMT Central Committee, and Vice-chairman of the Chinese Association for Non-Government Education. As a private entrepreneur and education industrialist, he has made great contribution to the development of non-government education and cultural drive of Hebei Province. 

He once was given the National Labor Day Medal and Youth Labor Day Medal of Hebei Province, and rated as “Advanced Individual among Various National Democratic Parties, Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Nonparty Personage Helping Build a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects”, “Top 10 Outstanding Figures for National Non-government Education”, model worker of Hebei Province, “Top 10 Outstanding Youth” of Hebei Province, “Pace-setter in the New Long March”, etc.